Raft Race 2018

Raft Race Registration

  • Please let us know if you intend to enter a raft for the race as places may be limited due to safety boat cover.
  • Please email info@ fairliecoastal.org or send a text to 07714784473 to register your raft and include team name, no of crew and captains contact details.

Raft Race Rules

1. Eligibility.

  • The Fairlie Gala Raft Race is open to everyone.
  • The number of entries may be limited due to limitations due to safety boat cover. (Get your registration in to guarantee your place!).

2. Raft Construction. 

  • Rafts are to meet the following specifications (those that do not will be disqualified from the race):
  •  A raft is a flat buoyant structure which may be constructed from manufactured items of a non-nautical (and non-toxic) nature.
  • Recycled and clean blue barrels are allowed.
  • Rafts which closely resemble boats or canoes will be disqualified. Specially formed GRP resin (fibreglass) structures are not to be used.
  • All parts of the raft are to be constructed from positively buoyant material and risk of entanglement minimised.
  • Propulsion is to be achieved via paddles or sails.
  • Sharp or angled parts of the raft or associated equipment are to be suitably covered with protective padding.
  • Each raft is to be clearly marked, with the raft’s registration number, which will be issued on the day of ray race.
  • It would be fantastic if the rafts design/decoration had associations with the 2018 ‘Pirate’ theme.
  • All rafts must be removed from the beach after the race.

3. Crew Composition.

  • Each crew must consist of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 persons.
  • Crew members under age of 16 years of age must be accompanied on the raft by a responsible parent or guardian.
  • A captain nominated from each team will be ‘responsible’ for both the raft and crews safety for the duration of the race and associated activities.
  • Crews are encouraged to wear fancy dress, however, no clothing is to be worn that could prove hazardous if the raft should overturn or sink.
  • All crew members MUST be confident swimmers and wear an approved buoyancy aid.

4. Safety.

  •  For your own safety, all crew members are to abide by the following instructions:
  • Anyone who in the opinion of the organisers has been drinking alcohol prior to the start of the race will not be allowed to compete.
  • Crew members must be able to affect an immediate escape from the raft and must not be restricted in any way.
  • All race participants are to wear an approved buoyancy aid.
  • Please be aware that the race course and beach may contain obstructions that could cause cuts and abrasions.
  • Crews must wear foot protection and are advised to wear hand, eye, head protection where it would be unsafe not to do so.
  • It is important that  the captain and crew are familiar with the rafts stability and have properly identified the risks associated with raft racing.
  • All crews must obey the instructions of the organisers and safety boat crews.
  • The race may be postponed due to adverse weather and/or tidal conditions.
  • All participants must remain with rafts. Rafts that finish with swimmers in water will be disqualified.

5. Entry.

  • Please enter a raft race team here.
  • All captains  and participants must sign the Acceptance and Declaration to accept the rules and regulations of Fairlie Gala Raft Race 2018. This will be available before the race.
  • There must be at least one responsible adult, parent or guardian on any raft with under 16 year old crew. They must sign for the under 16 crew at registration before the race.
  • The Raft Race rules may be updated at any time. These will be displayed on the Raft Race web page and team captains notified of any changes.

6. Assembly.

  • Final Registration and safety brief is to be attended by all participants, It will take place on beach before that race.
  • Crews are to assemble with their rafts on the beach in good time for the race.
  • The rafts will be inspected to ensure their construction complies with the race rules and regulations.
  • A final brief for captains and crew will take place on the beach before the race.
  • At the end of the race all teams are to congregate on the beach for the presentation of prizes.

8. Prizes. 

  • Prizes will be presented as soon as possible after the end of the race and will be awarded for:
  • Overall – 1st Place “Clyde Champions Cup”
  • Runner Up – 2nd Place
  • Best Dressed Raft
  • Wooden Spoon

9. Liability. 

  • All participants take part in the race voluntarily and at their own risk.
  • All participants should be  fit enough to participate in strenuous water activities.
  • The Organisers, Fairlie Gala and the Community Garden will not accept any liability for loss, damage, injury or death caused during the race activities.
  • Crew under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible parent or guardian.
  • All crew under 16 years must be signed for by parent or guardian.

11. Decisions 

  • The organising committee reserve the right to disqualify any raft or team member which behaves in an inappropriate or unsafe manner.
  • The organising committee decisions and refereeing are final.
  • The aim of the Fairlie Gala Raft Race is to celebrate Fairlie rich maritime culture and heritage and, above all, to have fun.