Wild Oysters Project – Firth of Clyde

Fairlie Coastal and North Coast of Ayrshire are delighted to be hosting and home to the Wild Oysters Project on the Firth of Clyde. The project is a collaboration between the Zoological Society of London, Blue Marine Foundation and British Marine with Clyde Porpoise CIC as local delivery partners. The project is funded by the players of Peoples Postcode Lottery Dream Fund.

Please visit the Wild Oysters Project website to find out more information about wider project and other project hubs in Bangor and Tyne & Wear.

The project has located oyster nursery systems in Largs Yacht Haven and Fairlie Quay Marina. The nursery system are stocked with mature broodstock oysters and provide opportunity for them to spawn and supply local waters with millions of juvenile oyster spat. Much the receiving habitat lacks suitable settlement substrate and necessary to lay the foundations of an oyster reef by depositing larvae settlement cultch at predetermined locations in the Clyde sea area.

Much of the science informing the project has been established from the Blue Marine Foundations Solent Oyster Project which has been running for over 5 years. In Scotland we are working with University of West Scotland, University of Glasgow and University of Strathclyde to further inform and help progress the project locally.

The establishment of a Wild Oysters reef, rewilding and habitat restoration is an investment in our future. The project has developed an education package and working with STEM coordinators in North & South Ayrshire to deliver outreach and learning to our schools. We are also inviting groups and individuals to volunteer and get involved with the project.